It’s there, while you work or play,

Near, while you laugh away,

Watching, while you have fun,

Close, when you bathe in the sun,

Reaching, when you dance all night,

Open, when your world is bright,

Operating, while you flitter time tick,

Screams, which dress should I pick,

Stinks, not perfumes and candles,

Red, your painted nails and sandals,

Inside, you rush through the out,

Tears, you never cried, no doubt,

You crashed through the door,

Did not mean to enter or explore,

Into the world of malady, the ill,

A la carte drugs and gravy pill,

And you want to run, get out quick,

Before you or yours are one with sick,

Too late, door slams shut in face,

And you bang it with prayer, just in case,

There is no way out and then what,

Options, you have not got a lot,

You look out, at the living blind,

And you make up your foggy mind,

To get back there, humbled now,

But just need to figure out how.

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