Blooming Marvelous

Grasses different hues of green,

Formed a path hidden and seen,

Up and around the hill of rock,

Ancient relics dispersed ad hoc,

Bright red poppies, grouped, alone,

Daisies in yellow and white tone,

Little blue flowers carpeting the way,

The sun was shining on winter’s day,

Almond trees wearing blossom pink,

Puddles of rain for birds to drink,

Thorned cacti full of fruit so ripe,

Unseen creatures of every type,

And the hikers trod right through,

Nature over things that grew,

Experiencing it as they would,

But perhaps not as one could,

There on top of a large boulder,

Body melding head and shoulder,

She sat unmoving in yoga pose,

Part of nature’s, highs and lows,

A vessel through which to be,

Becoming grass, flowers and tree.

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