Yummy Or Yummy

What do you eat after a run?

Of fifteen hours in the sun,

I had no idea what to bring,

What was the ideal food thing?

And striving not to bring shame,

To me and my family name,

I got advice from native ones,

Experienced with other sons,

Unanimous in their choice of food,

It could not to be misconstrued,

Schnitzel in pita or on plate,

Was ideal for post running state,

I felt relieved and rushed to buy,

Plenty of schnitzels fresh to fry,

And so excited was I in the quest,

My son would have the very best,

I sent a message telling him so,

In order that he salivate and know,

But I was shocked as he replied,

I had erred on who I had relied,

Schnitzel was not yummy enough,

After a trek so long and tough,

Bagels and chocolate fudge cake,

Was really yummy no mistake,

The others sniggered when they saw,

My no schnitzel offering considered poor,

But it seems home defines yummy best,

Not what’s eaten by the native rest.

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