School Education

Casting mind back to yesteryear,

The lessons taught blurred, unclear,

What did school teach cyclic hours away,

What did the teachers instruct and say,

But most facts and blah are lost you see,

Departed, as if I was education free,

Except the lesson of effective illusion,

Creating best impression no confusion,

That whatever we do, stand up straight,

Hold in bums, tums for looking great,

Look pretty, whether or not the case,

It is all about confidence on our face,

Teacher never explained or told us why,

But she taught us how to expertly lie,

To create an illusion and to deceive,

Others who would willingly believe,

That we were winners, a true ace,

Capable of winning every race,

Message hidden in fifteen school years,

Was worth the blah blah in our ears.

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One Response to School Education

  1. Liora says:

    So true!

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