When The Shepherd Left

The mass that made up the flock,

Stopped, motionless in shock,

They knew not which way to go,

Without him how would they know,

Who would lead them on their way,

Who would worry they did not stray,

Their shepherd had suddenly left,

Leaving his flock scared and bereft,

Sounds were voiced full of pain,

Who would make them laugh again,

But each of the flock held a piece,

It was part of them, their fleece,

Of the shepherd, who he had been,

What they had learnt and seen,

And the pieces joined together,

Forming a way in which to weather,

Life without their beloved guide,

Who had always been by their side,

As whatever was to come from now on,

Cleary the shepherd had not totally gone.

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2 Responses to When The Shepherd Left

  1. Jonatan.beller@gmail.com says:

    Wow. Thanks dalia..can i share this

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