It Couldn’t Be

Transfer Israel and the Jews,

A statement, new, old News,

Move Them and country to U.S,

The Solution to world’s mess,

Hitler, a true Zionist, indeed,

Jews too are Nazis, believed,

They drink your blood beware,

Control the Media, how dare,

Pss, Hate, hate, hate them,

The Jew, you must condemn,

And I look at the date, not 1939,

Or 1940’s while still not fine,

But today, the year is 2016,

A saner, different time I mean,

Guess what, the place, Germany no,

Not Austria or Poland or Naziso,

It’s England and London town,

Left wearing the ugliest anti gown,

Not invisible, it’s paraded to see,

Today, now…but it couldn’t be.

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