The First

Gathered at the school, sitting outside,

Pupils of all ages, their parents pride,

Mothers, fathers, teachers, staff,

Chatter, discomfort, even a laugh,

Former students, dressed alike, all,

In the same uniform worn after school,

Some were in white, others green,

Boots of black, red could be seen,

Which of the kids had been number one,

For whatever noted thing they’d done,

Married, cleverest, even class clown,

Winners of debates, races out of town,

And we all waited for eight o clock,

When we would have to take stock,

Standing in silence on Memorial Day,

Remembering a first in a different way,

The first ex-classmate in service to die,

A first not wanted and how to try,

Make sense of such a messed up reality,

Where pupils getting killed is an actuality.

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