Football Versus Football

Euro 2016 should be,

A game for a trophy,

Where players run,

And goals are won,

Crowds enjoy play,

Win and lose okay.


Euro 2016 should be,

For all the family,

Not an ugly fight,

Of organized might,

Where hooligans rule,

Instead of football,

Drinking their way,

The thugs they.


Sides not of sport,

Who’s being fought,

Kick them hard,

With legal red card,

Remove the bug,

The football thug,

To where they came,

Return of the game.


I want to introduce something new to this blog. My poems are inspired by what I hear and see while I walk through life. I would love to hear your poems about the same issues. Today’s post is about Euro 2016 and football. If any of you have poems you would like to share about football please send me your posts.

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