Fashioning A New Career

How hard could it be to make a dress,

Just sewing some fabric more or less,

And so began my career in fashion,

With lots of gusto, lots of passion,

And my first creation looked great,

Even better if I lost some weight,

Just needed a slip to wear under it,

Made from a moth eaten T-shirt bit,

But the slip stretched and fell down,

Which disappointed made me frown,

Yet still I would put on my creation,

Which I did with tentative elation,

And the result was a work of art,

The sleeve had torn and come apart,

I tried standing to keep edges in place,

But there was no hiding the gap of space,

Attempt at dress number two was better,

I was going to be such a trend setter,

It was brown linen with such a look,

And I was told I had what it took,

I did not take that dress off and so,

Into the washing machine it had to go,

Where it proved I had made a mistake,

As many a hem and a seam did break,

And as the stitching had become undone,

This fashion career did not seem such fun,

So I either design dress number three,

Or get out still clothed in my dignity.

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