African Woman

She works without a moan,

In a house she does not own,

While strapped to her back,

No sophisticated backpack,

Is an infant, her young son,

A baby not yet turned one,

And she carries his weight,

As she carries her fate,

With a smile on her face,

And a certain soft grace,

I do not hear her cry,

About the unfair why,

Separated from the others,

Her son’s sisters, brothers.

By a country entire,

To visit she can aspire,

Perhaps once a year,

I do not see sad tear,

And she knows that soon,

She will no longer cocoon,

Blanketed baby will go,

The African mother, so,

She does what she must,

With such little fuss,

In a house she does not own,

African woman together alone.

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2 Responses to African Woman

  1. auburnrhyme says:

    This was beautifully expressed

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