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Work In Progress

Made of pieces, stuck by glue, Is the whole that is me and you, Are we all broken or perhaps, Spaces and joins indicate maps, Of events, experiences, life lived, Good and bad combined un-sieved, Not broken, but works in … Continue reading

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One Like

The brightness of the stars was stark, In the forest on that night of dark, I sat waiting, my head angled out, As I stared up, around and about, The meteorites were sure to fall, Downwards mixing heat and cool, … Continue reading

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Safe Walking

I walked home along the deserted street, With precautionary measures should I meet, Wild dogs known to roam and bite, And I knew that on first sight, I could rely on my weapon in hand, A rolled up umbrella, generic … Continue reading

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Elephant’s Do Not Forget

Even though it was many a year, I still had not forgotten my fear, Of that animal, trunk, grey skin, A battle, which I could not win, With elephants a herd of at least, Seventy, eighty of giant beast, And … Continue reading

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Poetry improves lives: a guest post by Dalia Jayes

This is a guest post, a courtesy of a fellow poet and writer Dalia Jayes where she shares her personal experience on writing poetry: I love creating things and I use lots of different ways apart fr… Source: Poetry improves … Continue reading

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Guest post

I would like to thank Maja S. Todorovic, a writer from Belgrade and her blog Business In Rhyme for including me in a guest post.  Here’s the link

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