Elephant’s Do Not Forget

Even though it was many a year,

I still had not forgotten my fear,

Of that animal, trunk, grey skin,

A battle, which I could not win,

With elephants a herd of at least,

Seventy, eighty of giant beast,

And a car, in which sat little me,

With no place safe to hide, or flee,

And so now when once more,

Out of the car window I saw,

The elephant on side of road,

Reverse, reverse I bellowed,

And on and on we drove until,

My fluttering heart became more still,

It was much later when we stopped,

That contact lens fell and dropped,

From driver’s eye he couldn’t see,

And more neurotic I was maybe,

If an elephant was hidden in bush,

It could trample us or car push,

And one eyed driver would not,

Be able to distinguish a whole lot,

We would become part of scenery,

And I felt sick and very greenery,

Windows up to conceal the scent,

Of my blind fear and anger pent,

Would we make it to the gate,

Crushed, or in an unharmed state,

We blindly drove in loud silence,

Me praying no animal violence,

Safe now and I will not forget,

The elephant is no dumbo pet,

And best safari may just be.

The one where I cannot see.

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