Safe Walking

I walked home along the deserted street,

With precautionary measures should I meet,

Wild dogs known to roam and bite,

And I knew that on first sight,

I could rely on my weapon in hand,

A rolled up umbrella, generic brand,

As I proceeded to the country lane,

Listening to my music with brolly cane,

I noticed man ahead walking at a pace,

I sped up although not official race,

In his hand he carried something too,

It shone, gleamed like something new,

Silver, it was a knife quite long,

But in his hand it looked all wrong,

I tried to estimate the type of blade,

It seemed to me cutlery made,

He held it against his naked arm,

Was he a terrorist to cause me harm,

He did not look like a killer,

His shorts worn as a fat spiller,

An untrendy sunhat perched on his head,

Perhaps knife was for added street cred,

I looked at brolly, looked at knife,

Yes, yellow umbrella could save my life,

And I overtook this middle aged man,

Hoping I wouldn’t need a backup plan,

When next I walk I’ll take a shield,

A dustbin lid of strong metal build,

Against dumpy men, not so fit,

With sharpened knives that can slit,

But for all dangers lurking in the rough,

Will shield and umbrella be good enough.

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