A Small Part Of The Whole

And the ant looked at the slice of bread,

With it, how many ants could be fed,

But he could not carry it, not an inch,

If he was stronger, t’would be a cinch,

He scratched his ant head and thought,

Impossible, give up, perhaps he ought,

Two young ants happened to pass by,

They saw their friend and bid him hi,

The three ants tried to lift the crust,

Strength required they could not must-

Er, so they called for help from Other,

Strangers, friends, relatives, brother,

Together they formed a community,

Powerful, strong in their ant unity,

The crust was moved to their hill,

Where all could eat to stomach’s fill,

And although one small ant on its own,

Could not see the magic of itself alone,

Each and every ant is an essential part,

Of making living a holy work of art.


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