Mooning About

It was time for a super delight,

I could not wait for the sight,

And so I entered into the night,

And searched about for lunar light.


But alas it was not there,

I turned around, sky was bare,

And I ran to find out where,

I could view my waited share.


And there it was way up high,

Suspended in the dark sky,

But as much as I did try,

I wasn’t sure it was a lie.


It was big, but not that great,

I’d seen it in larger state,

But still I thought I would wait,

To see the end of world fate.


And so I continued to gaze,

With many scopic kind of ways,

Hypnotic brightness in a daze,

Oh how nature could amaze.


The supermoon played with me,

Shining with extra silver glee,

And when it winked I could see,

That it would let the world be.


And moon did what it does best,

Lighting up paths more and less,

So we can’t blame this super guest,

For our own super manmade mess.



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