A Message To Evil


She took up very little space,

Her petite frame and lovely face,

She was quiet, but oozed strength,

Spoke intelligently, at length,

She smiled shyly through blonde hair,

Carried herself with unique flair,

She, a girl of eighteen years old,

Sitting there so young and bold.


Sixteen years ago, littler still,

Hardly a pushchair did she fill,

Baby she, sat in pizza shop,

When her world came to a stop,

A terrorist bomb ripped through,

Concrete, metal and life’s glue,

So that death lay there all around,

The world crushed into the ground.


Her mummy comatose from that day,

Little girl’s foundation taken away,

But she was strong, this little spark,

She would not give into the dark,

Her simple weapons love and hope,

Carrying her like safety rope,

That no terrorist can understand,

Untouchable by evil’s hand.

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