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Armed With Chocolate

It was mayhem in that field, Queueing masses to be billed, And carts loaded up with ire, Erupting bodies of fire, In minds mutiny was planned, Flames of discontentment fanned, Whilst one queuer sat on crate, Her face showing the … Continue reading

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The Eye That Got Lost

The wind blew and blew, And made all things flew, And there was a pop, And they could not stop, The balloon with the eye, Stationed high in the sky, It floated far away, Did not want to stay, Unexpected … Continue reading

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Rammed Down

It’s easier to generalize, With sweeping s-t-a-t-e-m-e-n-t-s That shock and disgust …but It’s the small details, Not mentioned      , swept away, Too hard…to face …lest it becomes actually real.

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Bent By Life

Cheese counter work made his back ache, Standing long hours, without a break, Big blocks to be sliced and grated, For the orders generated, So it seemed ideal when I saw, He now shared the cheese counter floor, With another … Continue reading

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