Armed With Chocolate

It was mayhem in that field,

Queueing masses to be billed,

And carts loaded up with ire,

Erupting bodies of fire,

In minds mutiny was planned,

Flames of discontentment fanned,

Whilst one queuer sat on crate,

Her face showing the hour late,

When at last it was her turn,

Chocolate was her main concern,

She checked it out with such haste,

No more time could she waste,

How long would it take to eat,

That quick fix to her tired beat,

But the target was another,

This woman was all mother,

Chocolate given like a smile,

To cashier girl who all the while,

Was working as best she could,

In her shoes, queue had not stood,

And with that simple sweet act,

The shopper indeed changed fact,

Scene of black became so white,

Same facts, rearranged, despite.

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