Monthly Archives: February 2017

The Eater Of Dirt

Kept out of the way, not to be seen, Is the rag with which you like to clean, Underappreciated in a heap, Waiting in a bucket to earn its keep, Your dirt picked up in its vast enfold, It does … Continue reading

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Cup Of Quirk

All tastes better in this cup of beauty, Banal transformed to upmarket snooty, All looks better in this cup of art, Not run of the mill, an exquisite part, All smells better in this cup of aroma, Known clothed with … Continue reading

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The Migrant Refugee

What a beautiful sight to see, Migrant birds in their flock of V, But girl wrapped up in silver foil, Only thoughts of how she will spoil, Running away from civil war, Her fault no status and dirt poor, And … Continue reading

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