New bakery of breads and of cake,

So hard to choose what not to take,

Casting spells on addicted eyes,

For that hard hit of sugary prize,

Smells of cocoa and pastry sweets,

Invading noses aroma meets,

Boxes loaded up with much haste,

Saliva filled mouths want to taste,

But ears remain on neutral ground,

Picking up an unwanted sound,

Eyes and nose decide to just ignore,

Preferring make believe in the store,

Cannot be someone being sick,

Must be some type of dirty trick,

Mouths dry up and eyes awaken fast,

In truth the magic does not last,

Cake consumer with gastric band,

Ingested goodies he cannot stand,

And so he eats and spews it out,

Casting gastronomical doubt,

More so because he is the maker,

He the overindulgent baker.

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