What Men Wear

Stomachs cunningly strapped in tight,

By armory hidden out of sight,

Women all dressed up in finery,

Mood enhanced by cups of winery,

Perfumed feet wrapped in candy heels,

A prayer against blisters, wheals,

Faces redrawn like works of art,

Nails covered with acrylic part,

Men all wear their stomachs right out,

Confident that it’s chicy stout,

Masculine shuffle on the dance floor,

The sweat begins to really pour,

Male cheeks dabbed with perspiration,

Women applying more foundation,

Men in same comfy flats for hours,

While stiletto appeal quickly sours,

Barefooted women litter the hall,

Crippled sat on any vacant stool,

But girls all know this is the price,

To ensure their men look extra nice,

Women must dress up as they were taught,

To be worn by their male escort.

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