Meeting The Teacher

It’s that day of the year,

That all parents fear,

When invited to hear,

About their little dear,

Where it is made clear,

That we need to steer,

Grades up from the rear,

How we need a beer.


We look teach in the eye,

And as much as we try,

Really cannot deny,

That exams do not lie,

How could he defy,

The system and belie,

That to achieve high,

You don’t question why,

Wish that we could fly.


Humility and pain,

Seeing teacher complain,

Our work was in vain,

We let beasts be slain,

In world gaming train,

He did not use brain,

For school learning main,

We bend over for cane,

Parents failing again.

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1 Response to Meeting The Teacher

  1. Marushka says:

    How I wish I could turn the clock back and have a kid in school.

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