Sort Of Eavesdropping

Generic ’merican gal in hat,

Serenaded in the sun, she sat,

The only voice in bikini clan,

Each perching on a lounger divan,

She did not lie sunbathing lazy,

No, she was proper angry crazy,

Shouting, pointing at, ranting about,

What exactly, there is much doubt,

Father treated her oh so badly,

Account stripped to $8000 sadly,

The house was sold, well what a cheek,

She seethed and spoke in spluttered speak,

Entertainment by the swimming pool,

A free performance for us all,

Ears were strained for every word,

But still not all she said could be heard,

Thus it was rude, not respectable,

This public rant unacceptable,

Thou shan’t leave your audience denied,

Either speak clearly, or be decried.

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2 Responses to Sort Of Eavesdropping

  1. dundappan says:

    I like the rhyme scheme. I can relate to the work that goes into getting the poem to rhyme. Good job buddy

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