Beating The Queue

The queue was about an hour long,

Waiting so much time seemed all wrong,

Joining the endless queue no stop,

Couldn’t even see to the top,

We were immersed in frozen time,

Of young and old, noise muted mime,

Started to merge as we waited,

Was our meeting chance or fated,

With not much that queuers can do,

Your options when in line are few,

Turned to each other strangers all,

Shared glimpses of lives crystal ball,

Though complaining as we proceeded,

Deserting line was not conceded,

Perhaps others would leave their place,

And so speed up this queuing race,

Then when at last there was no queue,

We bid farewell, unstuck the glue,

Never to remeet, never have met,

If not caught in mosaic queue net,

Shared trap forced a community,

To beat line with formed immunity.

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