The Football Team Winners

They kicked and ran and passed and shot,

Tackles, headers and goals a lot,

But all in all ‘twas just a game,

Even if players had global fame,

With nations pinning hopes on theirs,

By cheers, songs and whispered prayers,

The team which captured every heart,

Of which each country felt a part,

Was not found on a pitch at all,

Nor were they playing with football,

They sat trapped in a cave so deep,

Where even insects could not creep,

And the world watched glued to their screen,

Football boys trapped under water scene,

Joining world to become just one,

These boys were everybody’s son,

We waited for news to attest,

That the boys had won this contest,

We all needed to be quite sure,

These boys would win at life some more,

These small boys of the game football,

Who united us and showed us all.

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