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Cup Of Quirk

All tastes better in this cup of beauty, Banal transformed to upmarket snooty, All looks better in this cup of art, Not run of the mill, an exquisite part, All smells better in this cup of aroma, Known clothed with … Continue reading

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It’s On Its Way

Trees tremble Ground sighs The air stills Outside searches Sky birds hurry The body thirsty Waiting… For the first rain.

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Skin Colour

Hot summer’s day, beach is full, Having fun, seems general rule, People sunbathing, lying oiled, From pink to red bodies boiled, Trying to get the perfect suntan, As dark a brown as they can, The accessory to summer fashion, Rays … Continue reading

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School Education

Casting mind back to yesteryear, The lessons taught blurred, unclear, What did school teach cyclic hours away, What did the teachers instruct and say, But most facts and blah are lost you see, Departed, as if I was education free, … Continue reading

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The Gift Of Life

Could not talk, Could not walk, He projected calm, Was angelic balm, To make you pause, To give you cause, To be better, more, That your only war, To appreciate life, The futility of strife, He spoke without word, His … Continue reading

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The Facebook Photo

Clicked computer camera, reviewed, A photo of me, a little bit skewed, Quality was poor, but it would do, Functional for them to see who, Them, those in the land of Facebook, Who are posting, searching and like to look, … Continue reading

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A Letter Of Warning To The Army

This new soldier is fully armed, Any adversary should be alarmed, Her auburn eyes light up a room, Her smile destroys a threat of gloom, Her dimples take you unawares, A bad hair day, she rages, scares, Until the tongs … Continue reading

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Who’s looking

I glanced at the paper’s photo of the reality star, Looking fabulously plastic out of her car, Ignored in this picture was a friend or a maid, Who carried an umbrella, had come to her aid, This other person’s coat … Continue reading

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Are We All Media Shaped Women

What has she done to her face, It’s different, oh what a disgrace, Has she had it surgically tweaked, To before her youth teetered and peaked, The star denied, the star did blush, She wanted it all to be hush … Continue reading

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