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The Eye That Got Lost

The wind blew and blew, And made all things flew, And there was a pop, And they could not stop, The balloon with the eye, Stationed high in the sky, It floated far away, Did not want to stay, Unexpected … Continue reading

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The Flames Of Hatred

I love my land, you know, And I’ll prove it, I’ll show, It’s only mine, the whole, My land part of my soul, I will stoke it with flame, Destroy it and rename, The ground, the grass, the green, So … Continue reading

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It’s On Its Way

Trees tremble Ground sighs The air stills Outside searches Sky birds hurry The body thirsty Waiting… For the first rain.

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Lies, New Truths, Whatever

IT huddled together, devised a plan, A genius alternative to the usual ban, IT pointed at the sky, called it the sea, Threatening any doubt for ALL to agree, IT pointed to good, and with a sneer, Defined it evil … Continue reading

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The Man Who Believed – Shimon Peres

If you truly believed, Ideas not yet conceived, Then words become acts, And acts become facts. And hate becomes love, And enemy becomes dove, Distrust become admiration, Insult becomes congratulation, Bottoms become the tops, Impossible no longer stops, If you … Continue reading

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Work In Progress

Made of pieces, stuck by glue, Is the whole that is me and you, Are we all broken or perhaps, Spaces and joins indicate maps, Of events, experiences, life lived, Good and bad combined un-sieved, Not broken, but works in … Continue reading

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The First

Gathered at the school, sitting outside, Pupils of all ages, their parents pride, Mothers, fathers, teachers, staff, Chatter, discomfort, even a laugh, Former students, dressed alike, all, In the same uniform worn after school, Some were in white, others green, … Continue reading

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