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Bent By Life

Cheese counter work made his back ache, Standing long hours, without a break, Big blocks to be sliced and grated, For the orders generated, So it seemed ideal when I saw, He now shared the cheese counter floor, With another … Continue reading

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Work In Progress

Made of pieces, stuck by glue, Is the whole that is me and you, Are we all broken or perhaps, Spaces and joins indicate maps, Of events, experiences, life lived, Good and bad combined un-sieved, Not broken, but works in … Continue reading

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Supermarket Fun

It wasn’t on purpose that I mistook, Her shopping cart, which did look, Like mine, it was also half full, And right near my trolley after all, As she searched for her unfinished shop, Up and down each aisle, bottom … Continue reading

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It’s there, while you work or play, Near, while you laugh away, Watching, while you have fun, Close, when you bathe in the sun, Reaching, when you dance all night, Open, when your world is bright, Operating, while you flitter … Continue reading

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Can You Have Too Many Friends

Just a casual remark at a café set me thinking about, In fact it caused the beginning of a shadowy doubt, That having too many friends may not be so good, If you want to act to them as a … Continue reading

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