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A Small Part Of The Whole

And the ant looked at the slice of bread, With it, how many ants could be fed, But he could not carry it, not an inch, If he was stronger, t’would be a cinch, He scratched his ant head and … Continue reading

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Every Day Is Mother’s Day

Me part of her, she part of me, Mother daughter, I and we, Pieces of the same whole, Communicating soul to soul, Caring, sharing, laughs, together, Through storms, sun, any weather, She catching me, I catch her, Roles reversing in … Continue reading

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I Am Not Dancing In The Rain

Each year first rain falling, I would hear the music calling, And outside my son and I, Would dance under leaky sky, The rain beating down sweet, Wetting faces, fingers, feet, Loving the rain dance groove, Chanting rain song as … Continue reading

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New Weddings

If he had been told about today, then, Would it have been easier, when, His life fell apart without warning, Wife walked out left him mourning, Would it have helped, a whisper that, New direction, just a crossroads at, Which … Continue reading

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With Us Forever

We climb the hill, withered grass again turning green, The path, view, stones, same, as last year’s had been, But we are not as we were, how could we be? You gifted us new eyes with which to see, The … Continue reading

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