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Rammed Down

It’s easier to generalize, With sweeping s-t-a-t-e-m-e-n-t-s That shock and disgust …but It’s the small details, Not mentioned      , swept away, Too hard…to face …lest it becomes actually real. Advertisements

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A Message To Evil

She took up very little space, Her petite frame and lovely face, She was quiet, but oozed strength, Spoke intelligently, at length, She smiled shyly through blonde hair, Carried herself with unique flair, She, a girl of eighteen years old, … Continue reading

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No Terror

It was an explosive device, An act of not nice, Bomb going off, injury, Whitewash facts, cringery, Intentional, okay admit, Details only bit by bit, But whatever you do, Don’t mention as true, The T word, why add, To the … Continue reading

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The Nine Eleven Scar

Horror, outraged shock, That the impenetrable rock, Was invincible and that, No matter what colour hat, Evil could touch the I, you, With nothing much to do, At work, in office tower, Making all tremble, cower, On land, air, anywhere, … Continue reading

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Breeding Terrorists

Teach hate for the Other, Love only your same brother, Blindfold eyes, narrow sight, Indoctrinate a warped plight, Drug inducements, out of it, Highs of radicalism, every hit, Death wrapped up as reward, Lots of Virgins you can afford, Computer … Continue reading

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Looking The Other Way

Father and son gunned down in their car, By terrorists acting out who they are, Shooting and aiming to destroy, to kill, Spreading black, ‘cos they can and they will, Dying in the car are father and son, Rest of … Continue reading

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Spreading Hate

There and there, black, deepest shade, Fire spreading, more killers are made, Blood pouring from innocents unaware, Not knowing how, or even from where, Hate talked and hate being learnt, Truth abolished, detached and burnt, Hope flickering out by praise … Continue reading

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