Driving Out The Driver

Their reputation at stake,

No permission to take,

Their bodies and use them for,

Not waging love, but waging war,

Violent strikes for hatred aim,

In a sick mind killing game,

It was voted that no more,

Would they open up their door,

They’d drive out the driver so,

He couldn’t maim, couldn’t mow,

Down innocent and innocence,

They would now be militant,

The trucks had been driven enough,

Trucks take control, trucks be tough.

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Synagogue meeting full of tension,

Matters for discussion and mention,

And for this forum the women sat,

In the male section with men at that,

I was dressed in behavior best,

Quiet on many feminist test,

The women with men… no uproar,

No distraction from topic bore,

We melted away in the scene,

As if there we had always been,

If it hadn’t been for that bug,

If I’d given my blouse a tug,

It wouldn’t have landed in my bra,

It wouldn’t have reached quite so far,

I wouldn’t have tried to get outside,

That in my bra it could not hide,

I wouldn’t have raised my shirt so,

I could flick it out make it go,

‘twas dangerous sitting with men,

After all you couldn’t know when,

A beetle would attack your bust,

And so to prevent inciting lust,

Women should sit separate away,

For undistracted modest pray.

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The Reign Of Rain

Moths released from who knows where,

Mixing with the new fresh air,

Landscape cleaned bright and shiny,

Grass drink drops big and tiny,

Nation washed now feeling clean,

Stepping back from summer scene,

Locals delight in first rain,

Relieved it has come again,

But not all were as pleased,

Tourists felt they were teased,

And the dirt of summer long,

Banished by watery song,

Bye tourists, dirty matter,

Bow to queen pitter patter.

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Any Place

All dressed in white,

So pure on sight,

The women poured in,

To repent all sin,

Before business start,

Was seating plan art,

And disputes of where,

Should be each ones chair,

Near this far from that,

Where she should be sat,

Smiles fell onto floor,

After and before,

Prayer time began,

When every woman,

Did intently pray,

On holiest day,

For any place Here,

In the coming year.


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Little Boys And Their Toys

Start of school year,

And one little boy,

With his shiny toy,

Wanted a fight,

To show his might,

That all should fear.


Start of school year,

That little boy,

Took his shiny toy,

Aimed it outside,

Threw it with pride,

Missing all, but near.


Start of school year,

Teacher took the boy,

Teacher took his toy,

Not allowed to stay

Sent him away,

So he couldn’t stay,

And no more fear.


Start of school year,

In Planet Earth school,

Naughty boy breaks rule,

And come what may,

He wants nuclear play,

And it is clear,

We should all fear,

There is no teacher.

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When Bad Is Good

We dived deep into

The white

Ingesting it with


No hesitation

First Sight

Sweet, salty, ice cold

The Bite

Naughty, felt so good

Last night

When bad became the



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Love Bytes

Have you ever wrapped yourself in,

Virtual hugs arms so thin,

And looked an emoji in the eye,

Watched it laugh and watched it cry,

It almost…could be real.

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