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Little Boys And Their Toys

Start of school year, And one little boy, With his shiny toy, Wanted a fight, To show his might, That all should fear.   Start of school year, That little boy, Took his shiny toy, Aimed it outside, Threw it … Continue reading

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Sort Of Eavesdropping

Generic ’merican gal in hat, Serenaded in the sun, she sat, The only voice in bikini clan, Each perching on a lounger divan, She did not lie sunbathing lazy, No, she was proper angry crazy, Shouting, pointing at, ranting about, … Continue reading

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Trumped Up Election

The establishment fist waved about, Sophisticated with lots of clout, And a mouth saying any kind of thing, Often with a prejudice type of ring, Between mouth and fist the people stood, Looking to find right and path of good, … Continue reading

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The American Soap Opera

American mirror on the wall, Who is the fairest of them all, It’s me not him, it’s me not her, Throw more insults, another slur, Go find lots of dirt, dig, dig, dig, Do not care if it’s small or … Continue reading

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No Terror

It was an explosive device, An act of not nice, Bomb going off, injury, Whitewash facts, cringery, Intentional, okay admit, Details only bit by bit, But whatever you do, Don’t mention as true, The T word, why add, To the … Continue reading

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The Nine Eleven Scar

Horror, outraged shock, That the impenetrable rock, Was invincible and that, No matter what colour hat, Evil could touch the I, you, With nothing much to do, At work, in office tower, Making all tremble, cower, On land, air, anywhere, … Continue reading

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