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The New Old

It is old and battered and warped as well, What tales my long serving table could tell, But its looks that count and it’s past its date, It can’t be kept in its decaying state, But why I ask must … Continue reading

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What Men Wear

Stomachs cunningly strapped in tight, By armory hidden out of sight, Women all dressed up in finery, Mood enhanced by cups of winery, Perfumed feet wrapped in candy heels, A prayer against blisters, wheals, Faces redrawn like works of art, … Continue reading

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Exclusive Art

Artist added sounds to a stew, And cooked them up, created new, And to that new he gave a name, ‘Mine’, he firmly stamped his claim.   Artist took letters, mixed them up, Formed words, sentences by the cup, Arranged … Continue reading

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A World Of Labels

So many pieces, big and small, No easy labels for them all, Label talk so short and clear, Black or white is what we hear, Labelling our social duty, She is ugly, she’s a beauty, Labels are given such respect, … Continue reading

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Cup Of Quirk

All tastes better in this cup of beauty, Banal transformed to upmarket snooty, All looks better in this cup of art, Not run of the mill, an exquisite part, All smells better in this cup of aroma, Known clothed with … Continue reading

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A Message To Evil

She took up very little space, Her petite frame and lovely face, She was quiet, but oozed strength, Spoke intelligently, at length, She smiled shyly through blonde hair, Carried herself with unique flair, She, a girl of eighteen years old, … Continue reading

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Mooning About

It was time for a super delight, I could not wait for the sight, And so I entered into the night, And searched about for lunar light.   But alas it was not there, I turned around, sky was bare, … Continue reading

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