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The Eater Of Dirt

Kept out of the way, not to be seen, Is the rag with which you like to clean, Underappreciated in a heap, Waiting in a bucket to earn its keep, Your dirt picked up in its vast enfold, It does … Continue reading

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Not Squeaky And Clean

No escaping the fact, It would have to be sacked, The loud noises it made, Like an angry tirade, Insisting on jumping, Thumping and bumping, Into balcony fence, The last line of defense, Before tumbling right down, Causing more than … Continue reading

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Is Anyone Really Free

To scrub and clean so that no crumbs are in sight, For the Festival of Freedom, does not seem right, And while I nurse my muscles, hands dried out, I wonder puzzled what this Freedom is about, Not being a … Continue reading

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Entropy And Cleaning

So it’s that time of the year again, Of cleaning mania, totally insane, And as I fight against the dust and dirt, My eyes streaming and my nose hurt, I take it as a soldier who is at war, A … Continue reading

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