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End Of School

Farewell to the old school, Of teachers plentiful, Teachers who do not reach, Teachers who cannot teach, Teachers who cannot beat, Teachers who can’t compete, With the knowledge master, Personal and faster, That’s replaced them complete, Stolen their classroom seat, … Continue reading

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Not Squeaky And Clean

No escaping the fact, It would have to be sacked, The loud noises it made, Like an angry tirade, Insisting on jumping, Thumping and bumping, Into balcony fence, The last line of defense, Before tumbling right down, Causing more than … Continue reading

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A Small Part Of The Whole

And the ant looked at the slice of bread, With it, how many ants could be fed, But he could not carry it, not an inch, If he was stronger, t’would be a cinch, He scratched his ant head and … Continue reading

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Elephant’s Do Not Forget

Even though it was many a year, I still had not forgotten my fear, Of that animal, trunk, grey skin, A battle, which I could not win, With elephants a herd of at least, Seventy, eighty of giant beast, And … Continue reading

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African Woman

She works without a moan, In a house she does not own, While strapped to her back, No sophisticated backpack, Is an infant, her young son, A baby not yet turned one, And she carries his weight, As she carries … Continue reading

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Every Day Is Mother’s Day

Me part of her, she part of me, Mother daughter, I and we, Pieces of the same whole, Communicating soul to soul, Caring, sharing, laughs, together, Through storms, sun, any weather, She catching me, I catch her, Roles reversing in … Continue reading

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But Mother Knows Best

Child don’t run, Get out of the sun, Bathe every day, To cry is okay, That’s dangerous, no, That’s sharp so, Careful, leave alone, Call me, phone, Do not fight, Only carry light, It is time to sleep, Don’t go … Continue reading

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