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The Art Of Climbing Mountains

Staring at the incline of dirt and rock, I am sure I saw the mountain face mock, Me with my questionable plastic clogs, Big handbag perched on arm, not climbing togs, I knew I couldn’t make it up, but still, … Continue reading

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Beating The Queue

The queue was about an hour long, Waiting so much time seemed all wrong, Joining the endless queue no stop, Couldn’t even see to the top, We were immersed in frozen time, Of young and old, noise muted mime, Started … Continue reading

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A fake cuss word, Shouted out heard, ‘Oh sugar!’, ‘You couch!’, No bad, no ouch, Doesn’t feel right, Missing the bite, No reason why, Swearing defy, To feel release, And inner peace, The word must be, Genuinely, A profanity.

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What Men Wear

Stomachs cunningly strapped in tight, By armory hidden out of sight, Women all dressed up in finery, Mood enhanced by cups of winery, Perfumed feet wrapped in candy heels, A prayer against blisters, wheals, Faces redrawn like works of art, … Continue reading

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Skin Colour

Hot summer’s day, beach is full, Having fun, seems general rule, People sunbathing, lying oiled, From pink to red bodies boiled, Trying to get the perfect suntan, As dark a brown as they can, The accessory to summer fashion, Rays … Continue reading

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Fashioning A New Career

How hard could it be to make a dress, Just sewing some fabric more or less, And so began my career in fashion, With lots of gusto, lots of passion, And my first creation looked great, Even better if I … Continue reading

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The Facebook Photo

Clicked computer camera, reviewed, A photo of me, a little bit skewed, Quality was poor, but it would do, Functional for them to see who, Them, those in the land of Facebook, Who are posting, searching and like to look, … Continue reading

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