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New bakery of breads and of cake, So hard to choose what not to take, Casting spells on addicted eyes, For that hard hit of sugary prize, Smells of cocoa and pastry sweets, Invading noses aroma meets, Boxes loaded up … Continue reading

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Supermarket Fun

It wasn’t on purpose that I mistook, Her shopping cart, which did look, Like mine, it was also half full, And right near my trolley after all, As she searched for her unfinished shop, Up and down each aisle, bottom … Continue reading

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The Cost Of A Doughnut

It was memorable, an afternoon away, From computer where he sits all day, Two friends joined him in conjuring up, Sumptuous doughnuts on which to sup, Ingredients were bought, only the best, The cost worth it, as tasting would test, … Continue reading

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Cooking Up A Storm

Sandstorm mixed with rain and thunder, Combined colors, sounds and wonder, Feeling of cold imagined as real, Conjured up wintery hearty meal, Pea soup and bread to dip inside, A new spongy recipe would be tried, Change of mind meant … Continue reading

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The Best Pizza Shop

It declared itself as the best pizza shop, And I wondered, in fact I could not stop, Because if it was the best, I was doomed, Best pizza’s taste could just be assumed, I could now only every eat the … Continue reading

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Scared To Offend

Was delighted to accept a dinner invitation, A culinary sort of birthday celebration, Then remembered their dog, a frisky white hound, Rescued a few years ago from the doggie pound, What was I to do, I can’t help my fear, … Continue reading

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The Record Breaking Supermarket Shop

No need to go to the supermarket, just think, No acrobatic stretching, or lifting a crate of drink, Trolleys with wheels which do not work, never again, No apologetically veering into customers, having to explain, No waiting in a line … Continue reading

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