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New Neighbours

Keys in hand they start to deface, A home turned into gutted place, And the sounds they have rudely brought, Presents of unpleasant and fraught, The drilling, the banging of loud, Vibrating ear, vibrating cloud, Windows futile to shut out … Continue reading

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Not Squeaky And Clean

No escaping the fact, It would have to be sacked, The loud noises it made, Like an angry tirade, Insisting on jumping, Thumping and bumping, Into balcony fence, The last line of defense, Before tumbling right down, Causing more than … Continue reading

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Yummy Or Yummy

What do you eat after a run? Of fifteen hours in the sun, I had no idea what to bring, What was the ideal food thing? And striving not to bring shame, To me and my family name, I got … Continue reading

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The Richest Person

It’s been many years since I saw her face, Always filled with gentleness and grace, Sitting there in her favourite armchair, Painted nails and backcombed hair, Holdall with her slippers, not much more, Chocolates for family she adored to adore, … Continue reading

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A Mother

She left her three young children, the youngest less than one, Resolution mixed with sadness, decisions not to be undone, She left her husband, her family and everything held dear, For their benefit to provide for them she left and … Continue reading

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Perfect Present Or Not

Don’t bring me back anything from Madrid, please, Really, nothing at all I said with apparent ease, For a fleeting second I saw images of leather bags, And beautiful Spanish clothes seen in glossy mags, But no, I did not … Continue reading

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Time To Exercise

Is there an hour of the day and night? A time which would be considered just right, To exercise, part of a healthy life style, To jog or run fast mile after mile, It’s just when my son told me … Continue reading

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