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The city shone its special gold, Stones alive, their stories told, The mud, the air casting spell, Adding to a wonders well, The old city smiled so wide, At all those who were inside, And by its wall dancing dance, … Continue reading

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The Light Of Hanukkah

How pure the flame burns, Bright dancing and turns, Lighting up murky dark, Everything stark, So simple, black, white, Nature‚Äôs pull to light, Candle providing all, With absolute rule, Your choice being clear, Draw sufficiently near, And bathe in its … Continue reading

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Lies, New Truths, Whatever

IT huddled together, devised a plan, A genius alternative to the usual ban, IT pointed at the sky, called it the sea, Threatening any doubt for ALL to agree, IT pointed to good, and with a sneer, Defined it evil … Continue reading

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When The Shepherd Left

The mass that made up the flock, Stopped, motionless in shock, They knew not which way to go, Without him how would they know, Who would lead them on their way, Who would worry they did not stray, Their shepherd … Continue reading

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Spreading Hate

There and there, black, deepest shade, Fire spreading, more killers are made, Blood pouring from innocents unaware, Not knowing how, or even from where, Hate talked and hate being learnt, Truth abolished, detached and burnt, Hope flickering out by praise … Continue reading

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