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Virtual Holiday


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The Cost Of A Doughnut

It was memorable, an afternoon away, From computer where he sits all day, Two friends joined him in conjuring up, Sumptuous doughnuts on which to sup, Ingredients were bought, only the best, The cost worth it, as tasting would test, … Continue reading

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Class Action

No school tomorrow, don’t wake me, What excuse was it going to be? Sore throat, no he used that this week, Bad stomach, lost voice can’t speak, But I was wrong, it was not that, He, in fact all kids … Continue reading

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She sat there, her mother, sister, grandmothers by her side, A vision in white, glowing and smiling, she sat there the bride, And above and around her was a cloud of emotion, charged, As the family seemingly both contracted and … Continue reading

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The Strength Of A Woman

Our small nation and the world were witness to a light, From the mothers dealing with their kidnapped boys plight, Only words of thanks, and love were they heard to speak, As they waited, waited, waited, day after day and … Continue reading

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End Of School

I remember taking him to preschool when aged two, And perhaps his standing on the tables was a clue, That school would need to be prepared for my son Ben, That prophetic warning still as true now as it was … Continue reading

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A Mother

She left her three young children, the youngest less than one, Resolution mixed with sadness, decisions not to be undone, She left her husband, her family and everything held dear, For their benefit to provide for them she left and … Continue reading

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