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Pushing The Button

The story they sold, The one he was told, His job was so vital, Whatever the title, At a push with finger, With pressure and linger, He would alert with sound, Siren for air and ground, And he practised his … Continue reading

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New Phone For Old Bird

Phone cracked after a fall, Part of screen was dead to all, It was time to buy one new, Narrowed choice, but to a few, Decision made straight to store, Knew what I was looking for, One glance at phone, … Continue reading

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How Many Words Do We Need?

No sound emitting, you cannot speak Only unintelligible squeak Facial expression fails to engage People …to you hidden in blank page They smile at you politely and then Silence makes uncomfortable men Side stepping uneven verbal dance They move away … Continue reading

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Elephant’s Do Not Forget

Even though it was many a year, I still had not forgotten my fear, Of that animal, trunk, grey skin, A battle, which I could not win, With elephants a herd of at least, Seventy, eighty of giant beast, And … Continue reading

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Fashioning A New Career

How hard could it be to make a dress, Just sewing some fabric more or less, And so began my career in fashion, With lots of gusto, lots of passion, And my first creation looked great, Even better if I … Continue reading

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Supermarket Fun

It wasn’t on purpose that I mistook, Her shopping cart, which did look, Like mine, it was also half full, And right near my trolley after all, As she searched for her unfinished shop, Up and down each aisle, bottom … Continue reading

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The Where And Wear Of Underwear

Hanging up, pegged in a line, Like flags, of different design, Boxers, briefs and underwear, Flapping knickers, full fanfare, And although they were clean, No telltale marks too obscene, There was something truly shocking, Provoking disgust and mocking, Not just … Continue reading

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