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When Bad Is Good

We dived deep into The white Ingesting it with Delight No hesitation First Sight Sweet, salty, ice cold The Bite Naughty, felt so good Last night When bad became the Good …Right? Advertisements

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Love Bytes

Have you ever wrapped yourself in, Virtual hugs arms so thin, And looked an emoji in the eye, Watched it laugh and watched it cry, It almost…could be real.

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Partial Eclipse

The silver moon hung, With a black veil slung, A piece now dark pitch, The shadow of witch, Vast sky of the night, Framed lunar delight, Viewed by us all, Earth’s pull and pool.   Did moon look in awe, … Continue reading

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The city shone its special gold, Stones alive, their stories told, The mud, the air casting spell, Adding to a wonders well, The old city smiled so wide, At all those who were inside, And by its wall dancing dance, … Continue reading

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Armed With Chocolate

It was mayhem in that field, Queueing masses to be billed, And carts loaded up with ire, Erupting bodies of fire, In minds mutiny was planned, Flames of discontentment fanned, Whilst one queuer sat on crate, Her face showing the … Continue reading

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A Message To Evil

She took up very little space, Her petite frame and lovely face, She was quiet, but oozed strength, Spoke intelligently, at length, She smiled shyly through blonde hair, Carried herself with unique flair, She, a girl of eighteen years old, … Continue reading

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The Man Who Believed – Shimon Peres

If you truly believed, Ideas not yet conceived, Then words become acts, And acts become facts. And hate becomes love, And enemy becomes dove, Distrust become admiration, Insult becomes congratulation, Bottoms become the tops, Impossible no longer stops, If you … Continue reading

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