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Love Bytes

Have you ever wrapped yourself in, Virtual hugs arms so thin, And looked an emoji in the eye, Watched it laugh and watched it cry, It almost…could be real. Advertisements

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A World Of Labels

So many pieces, big and small, No easy labels for them all, Label talk so short and clear, Black or white is what we hear, Labelling our social duty, She is ugly, she’s a beauty, Labels are given such respect, … Continue reading

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Work In Progress

Made of pieces, stuck by glue, Is the whole that is me and you, Are we all broken or perhaps, Spaces and joins indicate maps, Of events, experiences, life lived, Good and bad combined un-sieved, Not broken, but works in … Continue reading

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One Like

The brightness of the stars was stark, In the forest on that night of dark, I sat waiting, my head angled out, As I stared up, around and about, The meteorites were sure to fall, Downwards mixing heat and cool, … Continue reading

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Every Day Is Mother’s Day

Me part of her, she part of me, Mother daughter, I and we, Pieces of the same whole, Communicating soul to soul, Caring, sharing, laughs, together, Through storms, sun, any weather, She catching me, I catch her, Roles reversing in … Continue reading

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The Richest Person

It’s been many years since I saw her face, Always filled with gentleness and grace, Sitting there in her favourite armchair, Painted nails and backcombed hair, Holdall with her slippers, not much more, Chocolates for family she adored to adore, … Continue reading

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