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The New Old

It is old and battered and warped as well, What tales my long serving table could tell, But its looks that count and it’s past its date, It can’t be kept in its decaying state, But why I ask must … Continue reading

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New festival to celebrate, The human spirit elevate, Appreciation of the new, Gathering of many and you, Americans may have been first, But the bubble grew and burst, And the world is following fast, Cherishing and making it last, Forget … Continue reading

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Exclusive Art

Artist added sounds to a stew, And cooked them up, created new, And to that new he gave a name, ‘Mine’, he firmly stamped his claim.   Artist took letters, mixed them up, Formed words, sentences by the cup, Arranged … Continue reading

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The Richest Person

It’s been many years since I saw her face, Always filled with gentleness and grace, Sitting there in her favourite armchair, Painted nails and backcombed hair, Holdall with her slippers, not much more, Chocolates for family she adored to adore, … Continue reading

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The Poor Rich Man

I last saw him I don’t know when, Ten, twenty years ago, but then, He was a rich man I remember for sure, Charitable to all who came to his door, He and his sister gave money to others, a … Continue reading

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