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The Reign Of Rain

Moths released from who knows where, Mixing with the new fresh air, Landscape cleaned bright and shiny, Grass drink drops big and tiny, Nation washed now feeling clean, Stepping back from summer scene, Locals delight in first rain, Relieved it … Continue reading

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Partial Eclipse

The silver moon hung, With a black veil slung, A piece now dark pitch, The shadow of witch, Vast sky of the night, Framed lunar delight, Viewed by us all, Earth’s pull and pool.   Did moon look in awe, … Continue reading

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Birdsong bought with crumbs of bread, Auditory senses being fed, Swooping down onto the lawn, Slices pecked apart and torn, Little murmurs of delight, At the feathered pecking sight, But why not the same effect, When creature that’s not elect, … Continue reading

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The Flames Of Hatred

I love my land, you know, And I’ll prove it, I’ll show, It’s only mine, the whole, My land part of my soul, I will stoke it with flame, Destroy it and rename, The ground, the grass, the green, So … Continue reading

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Mooning About

It was time for a super delight, I could not wait for the sight, And so I entered into the night, And searched about for lunar light.   But alas it was not there, I turned around, sky was bare, … Continue reading

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One Like

The brightness of the stars was stark, In the forest on that night of dark, I sat waiting, my head angled out, As I stared up, around and about, The meteorites were sure to fall, Downwards mixing heat and cool, … Continue reading

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Made In Syria

We woke to find the sun blotted out, A cocktail of sand and air floating about, Sky dirty yellow, coloring all outside, So familiar rules of nature were defied, It was hard to breathe, mouthfuls of dirt, Stinging eyes and … Continue reading

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