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I had a little sapling, which I planted in the ground, And busied about it, trying not to make a sound, I sprinkled it with water and let it feel the sun, And saw that it’s growing had definitely begun, … Continue reading

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End Of School

Farewell to the old school, Of teachers plentiful, Teachers who do not reach, Teachers who cannot teach, Teachers who cannot beat, Teachers who can’t compete, With the knowledge master, Personal and faster, That’s replaced them complete, Stolen their classroom seat, … Continue reading

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Meeting The Teacher

It’s that day of the year, That all parents fear, When invited to hear, About their little dear, Where it is made clear, That we need to steer, Grades up from the rear, How we need a beer.   We … Continue reading

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School Education

Casting mind back to yesteryear, The lessons taught blurred, unclear, What did school teach cyclic hours away, What did the teachers instruct and say, But most facts and blah are lost you see, Departed, as if I was education free, … Continue reading

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It’s School Time

Two months of plugged in fun, Holiday finished before it begun, Nights became day, house was awake, Mornings abandoned for sleep time sake, Uniforms found where they were thrown, Testimony to how he had grown, No time to buy new, … Continue reading

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End Of School

I remember taking him to preschool when aged two, And perhaps his standing on the tables was a clue, That school would need to be prepared for my son Ben, That prophetic warning still as true now as it was … Continue reading

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