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Pushing The Button

The story they sold, The one he was told, His job was so vital, Whatever the title, At a push with finger, With pressure and linger, He would alert with sound, Siren for air and ground, And he practised his … Continue reading

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Remembrance Day

Space vacated, Holes created, Rain tears with blood, For earth and mud, Families broke, Grief, blackness soak, New ghosts not old, So young and bold, Lift up dead hand, And carry Land, With price so high, So we can try, … Continue reading

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The First

Gathered at the school, sitting outside, Pupils of all ages, their parents pride, Mothers, fathers, teachers, staff, Chatter, discomfort, even a laugh, Former students, dressed alike, all, In the same uniform worn after school, Some were in white, others green, … Continue reading

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A Letter Of Warning To The Army

This new soldier is fully armed, Any adversary should be alarmed, Her auburn eyes light up a room, Her smile destroys a threat of gloom, Her dimples take you unawares, A bad hair day, she rages, scares, Until the tongs … Continue reading

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