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The Art Of Climbing Mountains

Staring at the incline of dirt and rock, I am sure I saw the mountain face mock, Me with my questionable plastic clogs, Big handbag perched on arm, not climbing togs, I knew I couldn’t make it up, but still, … Continue reading

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Sort Of Eavesdropping

Generic ’merican gal in hat, Serenaded in the sun, she sat, The only voice in bikini clan, Each perching on a lounger divan, She did not lie sunbathing lazy, No, she was proper angry crazy, Shouting, pointing at, ranting about, … Continue reading

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Elephant’s Do Not Forget

Even though it was many a year, I still had not forgotten my fear, Of that animal, trunk, grey skin, A battle, which I could not win, With elephants a herd of at least, Seventy, eighty of giant beast, And … Continue reading

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My first trip to that land they call the USA, Twelve hour flight part night and part day, Excitement and wonder, I thought that I knew, This place from my TV and described by you, Where people were free and … Continue reading

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Is There More To See In Paris

My friend Korenstein reminded me that, A place we had spent only a weekend at, Was Paris, well over twenty years ago, When we got a free conference trip although, Instead of lectures we did Paris in two days, Raced … Continue reading

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Perfect Present Or Not

Don’t bring me back anything from Madrid, please, Really, nothing at all I said with apparent ease, For a fleeting second I saw images of leather bags, And beautiful Spanish clothes seen in glossy mags, But no, I did not … Continue reading

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Has Anybody Seen A Plane

The people waited for the plane to land, But were told that they might as well disband, The plane is lost, we don’t know where, But we are looking for it, do not despair, We have searched the sky in … Continue reading

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