The Race Before Pesach

I shouldn’t have answered the phone,

But I suppose it’s too late now to moan,

It was my friend on whom I can rely,

But not anymore I found out, oh why,

She is always behind me in her Pesach cleaning,

So I could not understand, comprehend the meaning,

When she told me a week and a half before the date,

That everything was done, but there’s more just wait,

What about the cooking I asked her knowing,

All cooked and in the freezer she said glowing,

So where are you for the Sedar then?

It’s at me, at least twenty women and men,

She was now off to Eilat in order to relax,

I gulped and tried to take in all the facts,

A quick goodbye was said and then a massive panic,

All at once I was depressed, lethargic and then manic,

‘Cos I haven’t started cleaning not one little bit yet,

So after I go walking today it’s on your marks get set…

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One Response to The Race Before Pesach

  1. Beattie Gellert says:

    fantastic – love

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